Grade 01

Grade 01 Gap Assessment (Post Grade 1)


The LearningHub Academy's Gap Assessment is a specialized tool designed to evaluate how much your child has grasped by the end of grade 1 relative to the expected standards. This assessment reveals the areas where your child might need further focus and also assists in creating a personalized learning roadmap.

By leveraging the results of the Gap Assessment, educators and parents can tailor lessons that cater directly to a child's needs, setting clear academic milestones. Additionally, the results provide insight into the effectiveness of a school's curriculum and shed light on a child's enthusiasm for learning.

A noteworthy benefit is the boost in self-confidence children experience as they tackle and overcome areas of difficulty. Educators can efficiently allocate resources and offer the proper support where most needed by highlighting areas of collective challenge. Parents contemplating the test should ensure they communicate its purpose to their child - not as a judgment tool but as a means to understand and enhance their learning journey. Discussing the outcomes compassionately is crucial, converting the results into enjoyable learning opportunities. Parents might consider enlisting additional resources, such as tutoring, or enrolling their child in LearningHub Academy's bespoke courses in significant learning challenges. The test can be retaken to monitor progress to gauge the efficacy of interventions. It's essential to remember that tests capture a snapshot of a child's academic standing at a given time. While they're helpful, they don't encompass the entirety of a child's potential. When wielded appropriately, they can guide a child's learning journey.

  • Integrated Studies
  • Language Arts
  • Mathematics
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed