Grade 04

Grade 04 Performance Task Marathon

These marathons are designed to augment the concepts taught in regular day school and will help to prepare students for the Performance Task exam.

Tutor: Dr Shalette Ashman
Tuition: J$1,500 (US$10) Per Week
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-24/7 access to interactive Performance Task content
-Weekly mock exams
-Live Zoom sessions on Sundays at 6:00pm
-Daily 15 minutes assignments
-Full coverage of all the concepts necessary for students to master the PEP Performance Task.

About your tutor
Dr Ashman is a visionary and educator extraordinaire. She introduced the concept of eLearning to Jamaica in 2005. Over that period, her programmes have helped almost 500 students earn national awards and scholarships. She is the CEO of (offering 24/7 test prep), (offering weekend PEP courses) and (offering after-school courses). Dr Ashman is also the winner of four national innovation awards for technology in education. In addition to her work in eLearning, she has authored numerous PEP workbooks. She has also developed multiple apps and educational games. Despite her busy schedule, Dr Ashman still finds time to help PEP students via her YouTube channel PEP Talk With Dr Shalette Ashman.
  • Live Zoom Session
  • CLASS 1
  • Differentiating between facts and opinions
  • Differentiating between facts and opinions (quiz)
  • Differentiating between facts and opinions (quiz)
  • Differentiating between facts and opinions (assignment)
  • CLASS 2
  • What are context clues?
  • Context clues (flashcards)
  • Context clues (assignment)
  • Context clues (quiz)
  • CLASS 3
  • Understanding charts and graphs
  • Understanding charts and graphs quiz 1
  • Understanding charts and graphs quiz 2
  • CLASS 4
  • Making inferences and generalisations
  • Making inferences and generalisations (assignment) 1
  • Making inferences and generalisations (assignment) 2
  • Making inferences and generalisations (assignment) 3
  • Making inferences and generalisations (assignment) 4
  • Making inferences and generalisations (assignment) 5
  • CLASS 5
  • Finding evidence to support statements (assignment)
  • CLASS 6
  • Main idea (notes)
  • Identifying main ideas and supporting details (Spike)
  • CLASS 7
  • Writing Paragraphs
  • CLASS 8
  • Writing Reports
  • CLASS 9
  • Writing Letters
  • CLASS 10
  • Mathematics Mock Exam 1
  • Language Arts Mock Exam 1
  • CLASS 11
  • Mathematics Mock Exam 2
  • Language Arts Mock Exam 2
  • CLASS 12
  • Mathematics Mock Exam 3
  • Language Arts Mock Exam 3
  • CLASS 13
  • Mathematics Mock Exam 4
  • Language Arts Mock Exam 4
  • CLASS 14
  • Language Arts Mock Exam 5
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed