What is the Ashman Academy partnership programme? 

The Ashman Academy partnership programme is an excellent opportunity for individuals to earn money with online education. This programme is suitable for university students, job-seekers, career-changers or educators. Frankly, anyone with an audience can earn significant revenue from Ashman Academy.

Educators at Ashman Academy have developed several curriculum-aligned courses, which we allow students to access on a subscription basis. In addition to creating these curriculum-aligned courses, our educators  conduct live teaching, grade assignments etc.  Our partnership programme will enable us to rebrand these courses using our partners' branding.  Our partners will be able to market these courses to the public.

Our partners get access to the following:

  • Brand assets
  • Webinars
  • Sales summary
  • Student information

How much can I earn?

Ashman Academy partners earn a 50% commission on each subscription. 

How can I participate?

    1. Complete the application. 

    2. Participate in a Zoom interview. 

    3. Get your own branded courses. 

    4. Start earning.